Starter Macbook?

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Starter Macbook?

So Mini has been guilt tripping her Dad and I for over a week about getting her a Macbook. Her birthday is one week before Christmas so she thinks that we should get together with Santa Claus to get her one. She says she would rather have a Macbook than her sweet sixteen party. The Macbook would definately be cheaper than the party she was planning.

So I am wondering what is a good starter one for her...she mainly wants the digital music thing and the picture effects so it doesn't have to be fancy.


Re: Starter Macbook?

Well the good thing (some would say the bad thing) about Mac notebooks is that there are only 3 to choose from.  ALL will do everything - the only difference is the speed/memory/graphics.. Meaning: suppose she wants to run a "heavy" program like Photoshop.. All will run it, but the higher-end ones will do it faster.

For a starter, the basic $999 Macbook should fit the bill just fine..  And dont forget - no need to blow more money/time on things like Antivirus, antispyware, firewall, anti-trojan, antirootkit, etc.. just plug it in, turn it on, follow the on-screen directions, and USE it.

*Edit: There are a few other differences between the models, particularly connectivity options; so if she will require firewire connectivity, make sure you check that (i doubt she'll need it)

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