Does anyone know who or what this is?

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Does anyone know who or what this is?

Im a member at stencil The account i registered there, is my yahoo email. I received a message in my spam folder from stencil revoltion that basically said: A member has sent you a message, below is the following message: HACKED BY Cr1T1c4L then it said, if you find this offensive to report it. Instead, i googled it & it seems just as mysterious as the name.....anyhoo -i changed my password & didnt click on any links that were associated with that email. Anyone else ever see this?


Re: Does anyone know who or what this is?

Girl I think it means Cr1T1c4L hacked the site-not you per se. Sending out the emails (and you're not the only one who got one) was his way of giving himself kudos. And honestly, that name sounds familiar to me--so I may have read about him on one of the other forums I belong to.

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