Stolen password using wifi

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Stolen password using wifi

 Is it possible for someone to get my passwords if we are using the same wifi?



Re: Stolen password using wifi

YES - it is possible with a few "if"s and "but"s ...

If you are on an unsecured Wifi (connecting without a password) everything you view/sent (forms you fill in, like passwords) are send 'in the clear' - meaning anyone that knows what they are doing can easily 'sniff' whatever you send on that form UNLESS, that form is secured with HTTPs - most banks, email providers, etc, use HTTPs for either the entire site or at least the login process - HTTPs means that everything is encrypted as it flies thru the interwebs so it is much more difficult if not impossible to steal. Your webbrowser should show a little icon or some indicator whenever you are connecting via HTTPs (how/what/where it displays depends on the web browser you are using)..

If you are connecting to a secured Wifi (where you have to enter a password to connect) then everything sent is encrypted, making it more difficult (yet not impossible) to sniff/see/steal. Combining a secured WiFi AND a secure HTTPs website is moderately safe.

Here is my rule of thumb: If I am not on a "trusted" network (ie; you know/trust whoever runs it AND whoever else may be on it), then I dont worry so much. If I am on an UNtrusted network, I never sign-in to anything that I care about (email, online banking, etc).

Example of trusted networks: Home, work, your smartphone's 3G/4G data connection
Example of UNtrusted networks (wired OR WiFi): Free WiFi (anywhere), "friend's" house, hotel

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