stolen tracphone

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stolen tracphone
What information from the device would I need to have besides the phone number,how could I obtain this info, and how would I then implement it into tracking the location of said device. I know it is being used still



Re: stolen tracphone

You've seen to many movies..You cant track it yourself. Period.
Your mobile provider can track it, in a life or death situation, but they arent going to tell you it's current location so you can drive over and get yourself stabbed in the neck trying to get it back.

The police, as part of their dragnet to get your phone back can also request that it be tracked (via the mobile provider) but they aren't then going to tell you where it is...

Basically, unless it was a smartphone that was previously setup to use third-party tracking software, there is no way you are going to be able to locate it yourself other than calling and asking however answers to tell you where it is.

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