Sudden shutdown Pakard Bell i2870 icore 5

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Sudden shutdown Pakard Bell i2870 icore 5
Hi,if anyone has advice that could help me out it would be really great!! I'd hate to to have to leave my computer into service without checking out every avenue..Thank's from worried in Sweden.



Re: Sudden shutdown Pakard Bell i2870 icore 5

Sudden shutdown can be any one of a bazillion things.

Some things you can try to isolate/fix it:
Uninstall all programs that you don't need (it might be a bad program and if you're lucky it's one you dont use)
Update all hardware drivers.. OR, if you've recently updated a driver, revert that driver back to an older one.
Restore to a restore-point from sometime in the past before the issue began
Purchase some hardware diagnostic software (not the free crap!) - This can test all of the hardware for errors or overheating
Reformat the computer (AFTER you back up anything you care about!) - if the problem is software related, this will surely cure it, until you reinstall the same bad software.

Unfortunately, there is no fast/easy/simple way to diagnose or fix it in most cases.

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