suspicious log in history and I found keylog.txt in my computer

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suspicious log in history and I found keylog.txt in my computer
Hello, Hopefully someone can help me understand what is going on, I don't know too much about computers and I start obsessing about possible scenarios: in the last few weeks I see suspicious activity in my yahoo log in history: appeared that my yahoo account was accessed from home IP in times when clearly I was not home (but my boyfriend was). Yesterday I found the words keylog.txt in some computer history, and my boyfriend immediately erased it saying it's something dangerous: data theft. I live with my boyfriend and putting all this together I suspect him for doing this. I googled keylog.txt and I have an idea about it. In my heart I hope there is another technical explanation that can explain that someone else, from outside entered in my computer: is it possible that someone else and not the person I live with and not the only person who has physical access to my computer, but someone else - checked my email remote but from my home IP? A response on this will give me clarity and peace of mind; hope someone who knows more about computers will take time to look into this..Thank you very much!



Re: suspicious log in history and I found keylog.txt in my ...

Yes it is possible that someone else, checked your email, via your own computer.
It is also possible that someone inside your home checked your email from your own computer...

So.. Which scenario is more likely, and who has the greater motive to do so? Who would want to read your email more? Some stranger from russia that for some reason went out of his way to hack into your computer so he can read the email of someone he does not know? or.. would someone closer to you have more motive to read your email?

Also, there is nothing unsafe about the keylog.txt file.. it is simply a text file which is safe.. It is likely that this file was created by an unsafe keylogger type program, designed to capture your passwords and everything you do/type on your computer.. so.. why would your boyfriend so quickly erase it? Did he tell you what was in it? Did he investigate to make sure that the computer was cleaned? Or.. did he just brush it away with the words "dangerous.. nothing to see here.. don't look" .. and hope you would forget about it?

I think you already know the most likely answer...

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