Free virus help - You Think You Have A Virus Or Spyware?

If you're reading this page chances are it's because you think you may already have a virus or spyware on your computer.

If your computer exhibits any of these symptoms, you probably have a virus or spyware!

  • Your computer is considerably slower than it used to be
  • You get constant pop-up ads, or pop up ads when you are not connected to the internet
  • Your computer crashes, locks-up, or freezes for no apparent reason
  • You see strange error messages
  • Internet Explorer looks different or has 'toolbars' that you did not put there
  • Your internet 'home page' has changed for no apparent reason
  • Your computer "just isn't right"

So you have a virus or spyware, now what?

First, get a good antivirus program, or make sure your current antivirus is current (you might have to pay to renew your antivirus subscription!).

After you have an anti-virus program installed and updated, run a full scan of your computer. The antivirus program will find and remove virtually any virus it finds. For some more stubborn virus' you may have to follow the instructions on the antivirus company's website to manually remove them.

After your PC is virus free, you then need to check it for spyware. Unless you have purchased a combination antivirus/spyware program you will need to obtain an AntiSpyware program. There are several good antivirus programs available online. For more information about viruses and antivirus software, read our viruses explained page.

After you scan your Windows computer with both an antivirus and spyware program, it should be free of any malware that was causing you problems.

If your computer still has problems after a full virus/spyware scan, more troubleshooting will be necessary to get it running the way it should.

Troubleshooting other problems on your own:

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