Do you "tape" or 'DVR' your TV shows?




With Sites like Hulu and most Networks keeping thier shows for view on internet (Like Jay Leno having Full episodes on I can see why there is  a lot of Neither

I myself find myself watching missed tonight show "Headlines" on NBC's site instead of taping it

Only thing I DVR is Myth Busters(Discovery), Ancient Aliens(History),and American Idol(?)  but without SImon on I doubt there be the Whacko's looking to see Simon(the Talent Scout/representative)  ending up in the Pre-show(Will there even be on now with no Crazies to see Simon? Honestly not even keeping tabs on AI this year)


My Panasonic HS2 is 'Ancient" but still records to Hard Drive or DVD-R, or DVD-RAM and can copy shows from Hard Drive to DVD-R or DVD-RAM or DVD-Ram to Hard Drive with basic editing features and a Ghastly on disk menu I finish dvds on the DMR-30 in the palor or my Brothers DMR-35 (both DVD-/-RW/RAM/VHS Combos)  for playback track menus

I DVR about 100% of what I watch. 

Tape? As in scotch? LOL wink wink

 I watch TV the old fashioned way...when it airs.

i never remember to dvr anymore. if i miss a show i watch it on my laptop.

That would be me... but I set up my DVR to record by series and only new episodes so it DVRs it automatically (and ignores all my already seen ones)...

And then about once a week I'll go through my DVR to see if anything has recorded recently... and occasionally go through my 'upcoming recordings' to see what I can look forward to...

DVRs make me even lazier... I don't even have to keep up with season premiers, let alone what day it even is anymore.

Speaking of television... That's the only thing I really really hate about the holidays... all my shows are put on hold for a few weeks... and daytime television sucks.

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