Tattoo arist needed!

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Tattoo arist needed!

I am looking for a tattoo needed for a newbie! I am looking to get a Claddagh ring or pendant for my wife, If you know of any of the people that enrolled in it., divide that number by the nubming



Re: Tattoo arist needed!

find your artwork first. any decent artist will be able to replicate it and give you a great show piece. check this colorful Claddagh piece out (mid page on the link).


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Re: Tattoo arist needed!

Go visit some local shops. Look through their portfolios. Find someone that tattoos in the style you want. Talk to them about your design.  A good artist will want to draw you something original. A good tattoo artist will help you decide if it will work. If you have some sketches or photos of the design that will help them. If you know people with tattoos ask them where the best place is to go. Careful long term planning is the key to a good tattoo that you will like forever. That is the goal anyway. If not I can help advise you on tattoo removal. We do that at work too.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

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