Tax Refund Notice Email (good try)

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Tax Refund Notice Email (good try)

Close (within dollars) on the amount of my *state* refund but it's a fake. 
Communications from the state revenue dept and the IRS use the kind of mail with
postage and envelopes.


After the last annual calculations of your fiscal
activity we have found out that you are eligible to obtain a tax refund of
You need to file the tax refund application and give us 3-9 days in order to
process it.

The delay of a refund can be caused by a variety
of reasons.
E.g., submitting untrue data or applying after a deadline.

To get access to your tax refund please
open this link.

Best regards,
Tax Refund Department
Internal Revenue Service


Re: Tax Refund Notice Email (good try)

Ah yes - these are turning into an annual tradition, and yet people STILL get bit by the phish every year.

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