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I am writing this post in response to a challenge given by  I am taking part in a contest on their Facebook page and if I win this challenge it will help towards my goal of winning one of the top prizes.  As you can probably tell, I love technology. I think most any blogger will say that they love it for the simple fact that without it we could not blog or vlog!  Without technology we wouldn’t have email, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, online banking, online shopping – the list goes on and on. But, is technology good or bad?  Let’s take a look at some of the things that I have noticed about technology.  Pros of Technology    
  • The use of modern-day technology has made it possible for surgeons to do intricate surgeries that before were not possible. These surgeries have saved lives that otherwise wouldn’t have been saved and has given quality of life to survivors that might normally not have the same life after a catastrophic accident or illness.
  • Weathermen are able to predict bad weather in advance, allowing people to prepare and get out of harms way (in most cases).  We can even know the weather hour-by-hour and 10 days out to plan our activities
  • We can stay in close contact with loved ones that live far away. I for one know that it has been easier for me to be able to video chat with my daughter since she moved 10 hours away.  I could not imagine what it would have been like for me if I couldn’t see her pretty much when I want to thanks to video.
  • Technology has made bill paying much less of a hassle than it used to be. Postage keeps going up, but with online bill paying, you don’t need that stamp or waste gas on unnecessary trips to the post office or bank.
  • Christmas shopping is a breeze if you hate the Christmas crowds – just hop online, place those orders and if you are lucky, you will get to enjoy free shipping! No stress, no lines, no crowds, no problem.
  • If you missed your favorite TV show, you can catch up with it later using your DVR or online with Hulu or on the networks website.
  • If you need to know something it only takes seconds to Google it.  This saves so much time doing research.
  • Crimes are being solved using social networking sites, improved forensics and more.
  • We now have news from around the world within minutes of it happening.  Take for instance the tsunami that hit Japan last year. We all witnessed it within minutes of it occurring thanks to Facebook, online news sites and our TVs.
  • Children are smarter today than they were when I was little.  With online games that teach them colors, shapes, counting, and more, they are entering school knowing many of the things that I wasn’t taught until I went to school.  Kindergarten today is more like 1st grade was for me.
  • We can complete college courses from the comfort of our homes. That makes it convenient for those who need to work but want to further their education.
  • Employees can now work from home instead of commuting to work everyday.
  • Technology is a great time saver when used wisely.
Cons of Technology  
  • Too much time spent on the computer is not good for your overall health.  I for one have to wear glasses because my eyes are so used to only having to focus on the distance between me and my monitor.  My posture has become terrible from hours of slouching in over a keyboard.  I have become sedentary from lack of exercise and keep putting on the weight.
  • Technology has ruined our social skills.  Who needs to meet face-to-face when you have Facebook? I am a firm believer that many of our problems stem from not having to interact with real people.  Take for instance the “dramas” that occur often on sites such as Facebook.  It is so easy to have the courage to bash someone online when you are in the safety of your home.  However, if some of those people had to say those things to someone’s face, they might not be so brave.
  • Technology is robbing our children of their imaginations.  I remember when I was little how my friends and I could play for hours on end with or without toys. We made our own fun.  We climbed trees, played in creeks, dug in the dirt, rode bikes, went for walks . . . we did all kinds of things with very little.  We were also pretty fit physically from constantly being on the go.  I look at my grandson who is only 3 years old and most days he would rather play Legos on Xbox than go outside and play in the sandbox or swing on the swings. While I love for him to be happy and doing things he likes to do, I think he is being robbed of the other possibilities out there to explore.
  • Technology has made it easier for pedophiles to track children or engage their fantasies.  It has lead to divorces from spouses viewing online porn or cheating on each other by participating in online relationships.  I know someone that left her husband for a man she met online.
  • Technology has made it easier for thieves to steal your identity.  We have become so use to technology that we let our guard down and share too much online. We forget that just because you can’t see them, there are bad guys surfing the net just looking for someone to slip up and share personal information that will allow them to empty your bank account, establish credit in your name, or know when you are not home so they can break in and rob you.
  • Technology is a time waster if not used wisely. Technology is addictive and can consume all of your time.  I am living proof of that!  I make plans everyday to complete projects, but I let the internet suck me in and before you know it the day is over and I have accomplished nothing.
Technology is neither good nor bad Technology in itself is neither good nor bad.  Technology just IS.  However, what you do with it is what makes the difference.  Just like a brick is just a brick until someone picks it up – it can be used to build a house or it can be used to break a store window to commit a robbery.  The choice is yours.  We must all deal with technology in our lives –  you cannot escape it. But you can choose how you use it and how much you let it affect your life. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions on technology – good or bad! Please leave a comment below.


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