Technology Will Destroy The World!

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Technology Will Destroy The World!

Hello all, my name is Trinity and I live in what is present-day North America in the year 2092. I have traveled here from the future to warn you all to put a stop to your ways before humanity is destroyed. 

Due to the increasing laziness of the humans of your time, and perpetual search for alternate ways to reduce workload, eventually your efforts will backfire and put your future generations in peril.

In the year 2016, a man named Dr. Christopher Thompson, a robotics engineer, will create an android that's sole purpose is to do the bidding of its owner. By year 2059, over 90 percent of the world's population will own at least one of some version of their own robot servant that is based off of Dr. Thompson's model. As the artificial intelligence of this time is far more advanced than you are capable of understanding, I'll skip over the details, but as I believe many of your sci-fi novels and movies have portrayed before, the concept of it getting out of hand is not impossible.

The following year, in 2060, there will be a glitch in the software that controls these androids, and that batch will become self serving. These defective models will eliminate their owners, and start on a mission to alter the remaining androids. Within 5 years all androids will become self serving and destroy any human that gets in its way.

In 2089, humans will go underground to escape the robots, as the androids will have taken over the Earth. We spend the next few years researching where this started so we could try to change history and hopefully the future before our species becomes extinct.

After thorough examining of our records, we determined that this year is the earliest we could go back that would give us the best opportunity to save ourselves. I volunteered as a sacrifice to live amongst you, because I cannot return back, as you do not possess the technology required.

In order to save humanity in the future, you need to work now, together, to stop using technology as a crutch. Your own history proves you can live without it, and that you are capable of the work you're trying to put on electronic devices. By our calculations, if you can take one device of your choosing out of your life, you'll change history, or in your case, the future. Please, save your children's children.  This is a life and death situation. You may not see the day, but your grandchildren and great grandchildren will. If you aren't going to have children, then at least do it for the person that sacrificed themselves to save the world... I hear she's pretty awesome.


Re: Technology Will Destroy The World!

I love it! Here's to creativity!

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