"Temple Run" For Android, Is Nearly Finished

Android GameWith over 36 million downloads on iOS, the Temple Run game is a verified success. The developers of the game say that it will be coming out soon for Android. Two days ago they told the world how much they loved their Android fans and are working as fast as they can to bring it to them as well.

The Temple Run mobile game is called a lot of things, including addictive. Some people are comparing it to "Angry Birds" and "Doodle Jump" for addictive power. The game features great graphics and swipe and tilt control. It is also a social type of game in that the player can share points and compete with friends. Supposedly someone has already downloaded it to the Samsung Galaxy, but the official Twitter account says it is still not available.

The Temple Run game is created by Imangi Studios, LLC and is based on one simple act; running. The game starts out with a man running out of an ancient stone temple with plenty of monkeys giving chase. With the correct swipes the running man escapes getting eaten by monkeys and begins his journey on the temple path. The path goes out over a large body of water with plenty of adventures left to enjoy. During gameplay, the running man collects coins that can be used later to purchase upgrades or to help him stay alive. The more than seven million daily players are a testament to the addictive power this game has over them.

Toucharcade has rated this game as one of the "Games of the Week" for its iOS version. Another rating group has called it the most thrilling and fun running game, perhaps ever. It is quite a large download, taking up 19.5 megabytes of space on an iPhone or iPad hard drive. Expect the Android version to be a large download as well. It is rated for children that are over nine years of age for "fantasy violence". It was one of the 50 most downloaded apps of December 2011.

The news is out that the Temple Run game Android version will be out in a few days. The middle of February is the targeted date. The past date for release, February Ninth, has come and gone. The last word from Imangi Studios came on the tenth with a message that anxious players will still need to wait a while longer. The iTunes store has the Temple Run game for free. Expect the same for the Google Android marketplace in a few days from now.




Where do I download the Android version of Temple Run? Is it out yet in the Android Market ????

Yeah its coming out on the 21 st . I am eagerly waiting

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