The Best Hot Sauce In The World

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The Best Hot Sauce In The World

I have to share:

Ring of Fire Hot Sauce Man !Every year we spend a week or so in San Diego and every year we go to a little store in Seaport Village called "Hot Licks".  Hot Licks specializes in hot sauces - that's all they sell.. Hot Sauce (and, a little spicy Mustard) from all around the world.  So every year (since 2002) we come home with a new special bottle of super hot gormet hot sauce.

Since 2002, we've tried a lot of hot sauces, but we'd never bought a hot sauce that we wanted to get more of.  All the hot sauces were good (sometimes TOO hot), but nothing that made us want more - until this year!

This year we tried Ring of Fire XXHot Habanero Hot Sauce and Ring of Fire Chipotle & Rosted Garlic hot sauce - these are, without a doubt, the best hot sauces I've ever had (and I consider myself a hot sauce connoisseur.  The Ring of Fire hot sauces are hot, but not TOO hot, and have great flavor/taste - something that a lot of "hot" hot sauces lack.  Although the XXHot Habanero is still too hot for the wife, it's not that crazy, blow your head-off hot, but it does "come out" just as hot as it goes in (hence the name "Ring of Fire" ?) ..

Ring of Fire is made by Mike & Diane's Gorment Kitchen in El Cajon, CA.  Mike & Diane's is a small "almost" home-made company that actually cares about it's customers.  When I ordered more Ring of Fire from their website, they included a hand-written thank you note - nice touch!

You can get some Mike and Diane's Ring of Fire hot sauces from their website at  - if you like HOT and flavorful hot sauce, you've GOT to try it!



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Ring of Fire Hot Sauce
We have had all of the Ring of Fire hot sauces. XXHot Habanero is TOO hot! Red pepper and Roasted Garlic is our favorite
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Ring of Fire Hotsauce
Re: The Best Hot Sauce In The World

Gotta love the Roasted Garlic variant! Best paired with chicken fajitas and homemade tacos!

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