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Hey GuG-ees, here a quick update of what's happening at

  • On January 25 we upgraded our web-server to keep up with our popularity. This is our third upgrade since we created the website in 2006 and now is faster and better than ever! No more (or at least, far fewer) of those annoying "lags" or stalls when searching or browsing the site.
  • We've opened-up the the "Open Forums" area: We've lifted the restrictions on political and religious or other controversial topics and now allow posting about any topic as long as it's family-friendly and does not condone illegal activity.
  • We've created a new " problems" forum area: This new area is to report problems with your account or ask questions about any other issues you might be having with the website. This is yet another way that is the most responsive and member-friendly website on the internet!
  • It's almost tax time and our Tax Help for Beginners forum area is getting busy again. Come post your tax related questions, or help other members by answering their questions.
  • The Premium Forums are buzzing! As always, there is a lot happening in the Premium Membership forums. We would tell you what' going on, but what happens in the premium forums stays in the premium forums ;-)


That's all for now. If you like please tell a friend - Forward this email and let them know!