The iWatch is the Next Big Apple Product

Rumors of the iWatchAccording to a number of sources Apple's next device is going to be essentially a wristwatch that runs iOS and is mean to be like a small iPhone. The device has been rumored for a long time now and while there still isn't any solid evidence proving it is real there are lots of believers out there. Oddly enough it looks like a number of survey companies are already jumping on board as they've been surveying the public to see how well an iWatch would do.


The results are actually a little bit surprising, close to 20% of the people studied said outright that they would buy the iWatch right now, even though they know nothing about it. This just goes to show that Apple does have some seriously addicted customers that will buy anything and everything. Hopefully the iWatch does become a reality because it should definitely be a cool device, unfortunately we can't say much about when it might actually become a reality.





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