The New Bloom of Spring Is.......

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Re: The New Bloom of Spring Is.......

One Word....... Flip Flops ok so that's two words but you know what I

"Never stand between a girl and her shoes"

Re: The New Bloom of Spring Is.......

--Sweating under the leathers

---the heat waves shimmering off the black top of the track

----the Smell of melting Rubber being left piled up in the Corners

----the rich Sweet Fumes of race fuel and hot exhaust

---the scream of your friends and few fans as you come around the turn in the Straitaway

---The Wail of the ambulances in the distance, as you realize that yep should have been riding in the cold a little more before trying to be a badass at the track

-- the feel of the sun in your face blinding you as your trying to pass the guy in front of you

----the hot chics at the track wearing bikini tops and short short shorts smiling and waving at you and the other chumps on the bikes, while they are secretly hoping they get to see a wreck


----The Glare off the paint on my bike, the smooth feel of her Tank against my chest, the pounding Force of pressure from the 120mph++ winds created in my wake

-----The Look on my Dads face yesterday when I passed him on the Highway at over 150mph++ with three Staties in tow....


---the Awesome Feeling Of having Gotten my Liscense  Back just in time for the warm weather... wonder how long its going to be until I get it suspended again this year LOL 


What were You thinking?!!

Re: The New Bloom of Spring Is.......

Some of your description above sounds like the Month of May in the Speeding Capital of the World ~  Indianapolis.



I've learned that whenever I decide something with kindness, I've usually made the right decision.

Re: The New Bloom of Spring Is.......

..officially here & snuck upon us on 20 March!



Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat!


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