The Right Way To Spray Flonase In Your Nose

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The Right Way To Spray Flonase In Your Nose

I have had nasal allergies for years (they started when I was about 35). My nose is fine during the day, but almost every night, my sinuses would swell up and plug my nose completely. I rarely get itchy eyes or a runny nose or anything like that, just the plugged up nose and only at night. For a few years I used the regular sinus sprays, which worked great, but I found that my nose became "addicted" to them and my ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor had to prescribe a week of prednisone to get my nose to kick the habit - he admonished me to never use the regular sinus sprays again because they are so bad for the nose and sinus. I tried everything else - Saline spray, pepper-nasal sprays, neti-pots, and nothing worked. Finally my ENT recommended Zyrtec, Flonase, and Nasacort. None worked great, but Flonase seemed to work the best.

I was using 2-sprays of Flonase in each nostril, once per day - or one spray per nostril twice per day, and sprayed it in my nose the same way I did with regular nasal sprays. I would stuff the sprayer as far into my nose as I could, sniffed, and sprayed.

A few weeks ago when complaining to my ENT doctor that the Flonase wasnt working good enough, he told me I have been spraying it in my nose WRONG!

My ENT said that instead of stuffing the sprayer far into my nose, he said to barely insert it in past the tip of the nose, so that it sprays all over the lower part of the nose closest to the tip. He said if it feels like it's going to drip out after spraying, just pinch my nose together with my fingers once or twice to "rub in" the Flonase into the skin inside my nose.

I didn't think it would make a difference, but low and behold, 12 hours later, the first night I went to sleep, it made a HUGE difference! It actually worked -no more stuffy nose at night! It's been a few weeks now and I've never slept so well.

So if your Flonase (probably Nasacort too) isnt working as good as you think it should be, try spraying it closer to the tip of your nose instead of way up inside your nose and see if it helps!


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