These "3" Items.

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Vash the Stampede wrote:



There are no ninjas in the ocean...


Vash the Stampede
Re: These "3" Items.

but i don't have an awesome black feline to protect me... :(

Re: These "3" Items.

Even though I could come and go as I please I'd still have to pretend I was stranded. Ever since I was a kid when ever I'd go camping the 1st thing I'd do is build a fort. So my 3 items would be...

A knife, an axe and a stick of dynimate

With the knife and axe I could build anything I need, including a Robinson Crusoe type tree house. Train a few monkeys as butlers and I'll be set.

The dynimate I'll save for the end. It's hard to find a safe place to let one of those off , esp. since it's not really legal, so where's better then a deserted island. *hehehe*BOOM!

Almost Evil
Re: These "3" Items.

I cant think of anything id need to bring that a 5star resort on a deserted island wouldnt already have. But if its not 5star theres no chance in the underworld im going there! i dont do "roughing it" ick.

Oh...hmmm maybe my laptop. Id leave my cell at home though- hellllllo deserted island= leave me alone!  :D

Re: These "3" Items.

 Djarum blacks, lighter, acoustic guitar.


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