Toke or Stroke: Should Michael Phelps Have Lost His Sponsorship?

No. He apologized. Let's move on.
15% (4 votes)
Yes. He is an Olympian role model. He should have practiced better judgement.
27% (7 votes)
Part of life is making choices. Sometimes we make the right choice. Sometimes wrong. He'll learn from this.
23% (6 votes)
No. He's just a 23-year-old guy, after all.
8% (2 votes)
He obviously isn't a pothead or his lungs wouldn't have been able to keep up with him during his training.
23% (6 votes)
None of the above: [Comment Below]
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 26



I think it's crap... out of all the things he COULD be doing... or could have done... he's not on steroids... people get pics of celebrities doing drugs all the time... they get some media attention for a minute, and unless they go hardcore Lohan style, it gets forgotten...

He's still young... I see no reason to have drastic consequences for him, when people that others idolize far more do it, and no one says a thing... I personally don't care if they want to crack down on it, but they need to treat everyone the same way.

As long as he's not doing it while competing, I see no reason for this to be a big deal.  And if he loses his sponsorship, someone else will sponsor him and make a sh!tload of cash off of it... it would be a dumb move to drop someone so talented for something so stupid...


I appreciate that some people actually care about this, and I respect your right to that.  My only reaction to hearing this made news was "oh please..."

I had the same reaction.  I mean I get why they'd be upset but, really?  Lots more important things to focus on than whether a young guy smoked a little weed.  I mean, lets face it...most people have.  

I know he's an Olympian and a 'role model' but we, as a society, are the ones that put these people up on pedestals.  It doesn't mean they actually belong on them. He's human, he made a 'mistake', that's all.  He's got great talent and he's proved how hard he works for what he loves.



"Your typical city involved in a typical daydream.  Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings."

It's not like it's a performance enhancing drug.  Unless "Eating Cheetos" has become an Olympic event. 


He IS an Olympic athlete and that DOES come with responsibility.  Kellogg's primarily markets to kids.  He made the wrong choice.  They made the right choice.

I don't believe this will or should ruin his career. 


"Let em get mad ~ They're going to hate any way ~ Don't you get that ~
Doesn't matter if you go along with their plan ~

They'll never be happy cause they're not happy with themselves"

the amateur photog behind this photograph had nothing to gain. wonder what the motive was and who? was it a fellow swim mate or competitor? is this another tony harding vs. nancy kerrigan sabotage case? *put the camera man behind a firing squad*

part of my thoughts were, "wow, if he can win this many medals & inhale on occasion, imagine how many more he would win if he didn't inhale."

he's human. he's young. he's learning. he just happened to be "1" of thousands of athletes that do this and got caught.

and wowza....what a body.


Way too much attention has been given to this already, I mean it was on the nightly news, helllloooo!!!! I say leave him alone, hes human, he likes to party as any other 23 year old does, he trains like a dog, he's made America proud, now he wants to kick back and have a little fun, what's so wrong with that?  I'm still a fan, and this has in no way changed my opinion of him!

It's ridiculous. He's 23, and well.... whatever. I can't even comment. I'm tired of hearing it. He;s still an Olympic wonder. He's not using anything performance enhancing, he had a "good time" at a party at the age of 23. Get over it.

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

I voted that he obviously not a true pothead one but I agree with the he apolized one too ! Micheal Phelp deserves the Gold taking it away is Chickenshit ! and this is what this country is coming down too ! he is an amazing guy and I give him credit where credit is due ! OK so should the government take away ytour car for getting a parking ticket??? Yeah same thing , what he did was wrong but didn't relate to the actions they took and anyone backing up him getting his medal taking away is ignorant to the fact ! I'm sorry but that is my opion and dont judge me for it !

I might be wrong, but I didn't think any medals were taken away? His sponsorships were, and he's suspended from competing for 3 months. Or did I miss something?

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

i haven't come across any articles noting the revoking of his medals either. just a lost kelloggs sponsorship. shall we all boycott kelloggs?! *it could happen*


I'm wondering is there a facebook page to join a protest against Kelloggs yet!!! lol it wouldn't surprise me if there was, i'll be joining if it happens.

I voted none of the above.

Kelloggs markets to kids so he should lose that sponsorship. Speedo however markets to swimmers and 60 + year old guys that flock to nude beaches so it's probably ok to keep that one.

I agree with the suspension from swimming for 3 months. I do not think he needs a lifetime ban or anything. Pot is not a performance enhancer. A former competitive swimmer I work with said he deserves a harsher sentence.

What upsets me the most is that kids look up to people like Michael Phelps. They shouldn't but they do. Drugs are not ok under any circumstance beyond what a physicians deems necassary. I know I take a harsher stance on drugs than most but staying drug free is pretty easy. That being said at least he's now qualified to run our country.

edit* Apologizing for something you did wrong but knew when you did it that it was wrong is meaningless.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

 I agree with ya Pizzle. I dont see any reason for anyone to be doing any type of drug thats illegal- whether or not they think its a silly/frivolous law. The law is the law, like it or not. And if you break that law, you should expect consequences. Its pretty much that simple in my opinion.


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

Ok I don't blame Kellogg's for taking away his sponsorship. Smoking pot is illegal! Whether you think it's a big deal or not. Or if "everyone" has tried it or not! The point is I am sure there is a clause in his contract about getting caught breaking any laws. I am actually surprised more of his sponsors didn't dump him. Celebrities lose their endorsements for breaking their "morals" clause all the time. That is part of the business. So called "Celebrities" should think twice before they do something to break their contract. Everyone has a camera phone nowadays...... they are always being watched. Don't want to be watched.... don't be a celebrity.

I wish it was SUMMER!


Exactly!  The fact is to be in possession of marijuana IS illegal.  Period.  Whether you agree with that fact, think it's practical or frivolous is completely irrelevant to the issue. 

I'd bet the rent that his contract with Kellogg's clearly spells out that any illegal activity - or breach of their stated morals clause, as tlp mentioned - would be grounds for terminating the contract.   It's their product and their money.  He didn't have to sign the contract if he didn't agree to the terms.

And while I don't think in general partying as a 20 something is wrong - I do believe as an Olympic athlete representing our country and being on the cover of Kid's Sports Illustrated makes it very wrong.




"Let em get mad ~ They're going to hate any way ~ Don't you get that ~
Doesn't matter if you go along with their plan ~

They'll never be happy cause they're not happy with themselves"

Smoking pot isn't illegal, Possesion and distribution is. He wasn't hurting anyone and nothing happened. All he did was lose an endorsement and get suspended for a little bit, but they arent stupid enough to make it permenent. Everyone who is commenting about how horrible this is and how he needs to be thrown to the wolves needs  lighten up

Are you sure being high is not a crime in itself? If I'm in public and under the influence of drugs I would anticipate being arrested the same as if I was under the influence of alcohol. I assume being in my own home might make the scenario different but if there were probable cause they could get you for paraphernalia even if marijuana wasn't physically still present. But that is a layman's understanding. I've never been high or drunk so I've never had to worry about the legality of the situation.   

I don't want to die without any scars. 

Well P my friend when someone is drunk as a skunk its obvious to everyone, on the other hand ive seen people high as a kite on weed and show no signs of it, in fact I wouldnt have known unless I was there or they told me.....the two things just dont have the same effect, So thats why its not a crime to be "on" pot and it is to be &%#@faced drunk. I'm not a lawyer and don't understand the exact wording and context of it all but like all other laws theyre open for interpretation I suppose.

I believe it was right that he lost his sponsorships. While I also agree that he isn't like a pothead or anything, he's out in the public eye and he should have better judgement in what he does. Everyone is watching him. I wouldn't want to explain to my kid, "Yes, when you get older go out and try all the drugs and whatever you want because that's just what you do when you get to that age!" I know it sounds a bit prudish, but that's the way I feel about it.

Kellogg's also sells cereals for adults. WAH WAH WAH! Thats all I hear.  Not trying to be harsh but I mean really, its POT.  And OBVIOUSLY it doesn't effect his ability to perform.  You all need to chillax who're condemming the man.  I could care less about his sponsorships because I personally think celebrities (athletes, singers, actors) get too much attention anyway. 

He's got haters.  Good on him for admitting it, though.

I voted he deserved it, but I also hopes he learns from this. He fully deserved the loss of sponsorship and his short suspension. He is an american icon now, and he needs to grow up and act like it. Its illegal, and if its found through an investigation that he was smoking pot, some sort of charge needs to be brought.... Rough I know, but he needs to be a good representative. And he's not above the law, so he should be punished like anyone else.

Edit: I was and still am a fan of his. I just think he was wrong.

 ---We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion- John Keating, Dead Poets Society.---

What sort of charge would that be?  Even though he admitted that it was marijuana, it wouldn't stand up in court.  One, there is no way to actually prove it was marijuana in the bong.  Bongs are not illegal, you can smoke tobacco from them.  Two, you might as well go out and charge every person in an AA meeting who admitted that they HAD been drinking and driving but were not currently under the influence.  Please.  This is not a witch hunt and the ridiculous fear of the use of marijuana is outrageous when there are much worse things to worry about.  And this is coming from someone who works with addicts on a daily basis.

They are doing a formal investigation into the matter. If by examination and questioning witnesses he is found to have used, then it will stand up in court. And this comes from someone who is studying law. Its not a witch hunt. Its trying to uphold the law.

Everyone has their opinion on drugs/public drinikng/etc. I think he should get whatever the law says he should get. He broke a law. Simple as that

 ---We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion- John Keating, Dead Poets Society.---

AND wasting tax payers money by doing so!! This is ridiculous....

He practically admitted to doing it... I dunno why they just don't charge the guy.

 ---We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion- John Keating, Dead Poets Society.---

Doesn't matter, the whole thing is a joke anyway. 

refresh my memory...did they arrest clinton when he admitted to taking a few hits? oh wait...he didn't inhale.


yeah i don't remember clinton being arrested either...oh is it cause Phelps inhaled?  yup he should be arrested then!  no, i know..let's tie him up and throw rocks at him for making a mistake!  i mean, how dare he be human...



"Your typical city involved in a typical daydream.  Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings."

Wouldn't hold up in court.  Ok, this is coming from someone in a family of lawyers who have already studied and passed the bar.  Any two-bit lawyer could get him off.  Amy Winehouse has been taped doing drugs but she wasn't put in jail.  Its a witch hunt. Lets put him a jail for if anything a MISDEMEANOR for having a picture of him taken with a bong to his face which could have been tobacco he was inhaling.  And the defense attorney for him could easily have witnesses refuting the prosecutor's witness.  Come on.  We have MUCH bigger things to be worried about then this guy.

Pass the dutchy!  (Just kidding!)

There are a lot of things going on with this poll.  I'll try to stay organized lol.

1) He should not go to jail.  There's no evidence that will hold up in court.  Plain and simple.  If he's actually doing it or he has some on him and he gets caught, then yeah, jail!  Duh.

2) He should not lose his sponsorship completely.  He should have his pay deducted or something.  His sponsors should say "We're sponsoring him because of his body.  If his body works we pay him, if not, we don't.  So far his body has worked to our approval thus we pay him.  On the other hand, we do not at all condone drug use, so his sponsorship money is to be reduced."

3) I have always thought Phelps was a douchebag for an indiscernable reason, but he would have totally shaken that judgment if he'd said THIS.

4) I believe pot should either be made legal and taxed to hades (like cigarettes) or alcohol be made illegal.  I'd prefer to make pot legal so less people's lives would be ruined by the jail time served for such small offenses (relative to say, vehicular manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol...)

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