Toppik Review - does it work or is it a scam ?

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Toppik Review - does it work or is it a scam ?
Time for another of my endless "has anybody tried this product ... is it just a scam" posts. This time for Toppik hair building fibers. Even the name sounds like a scam and the results in the TV commercial and the pictures on the website look almost too good to be true.

Of course everyone that knows me knows that I have full, thick hair (cut down to flattop length) so it's not that I need to use Toppik or anything else - I'm just more curious about how Toppik or any "hair fibers" work.. Because it looks like pure BS.

If you have used Toppik please post a review and/or let us know if it's any good or not.



Keith jones
Re: Toppik Review - does it work or is it a scam ?

When I first got Toppik I tried it. It just looked like a big black ball spot on my top of my head didn't look real. I thought to myself maybe my hair is too short maybe I need to let it grow. So when I let it grow I tried the product didn't work. I would do better going to get black spray paint and spraying the top of my head that would look better. So I canceled my order guess what they still charge me overdrawn my account. So what I'm trying to say is don't order from this company they do shady business.

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