Touchscreen Laptops Sales On The Rise

Touchscreen LaptopOnce upon a time the idea of a touchscreen laptop was only a fantasy that most people never imagined would actually happen. Then eventually technology advanced to the point that it was possible, but they never really caught on, probably because they were terrible and still really expensive. Fast forward to today and you will see that things are definitely changing quickly.

According to Amazon’s top selling laptops list the touchscreen laptop is becoming much more popular. Out of the top 100 laptops on Amazon, there are 12 that include touch screens with Windows 8 and while 12 might not seem like a lot it really is a big step. Touch screen laptops have never been very popular but they really are starting to catch on and thanks to cheaper technology they’ll probably continue to grow.

Of course it helps that Windows 8 was essentially designed around the touch screen too.






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