tracing anonymous facebook messages

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tracing anonymous facebook messages
So I got an anonymous facebook message from a person who is in my friend circle. The message contained some pretty rude statements. I forwarded the facebook message to my husband who forwarded it to a friend who works at facebook to see if they could figure out who it is. So they traced the facebook message to my next door neighbor who we barely know (they are an elderly Asian Couple). Is it possible for someone to alter their IP address or location? So I'm asking could this "friend" of mine altered her account info. to make it appear as if the message is coming from our next door neighbor?



Re: tracing anonymous facebook messages

Facebook would be able to tie the message back to an IP address or an account. They could then tell you that this message was sent from account owner X, or this message was sent from IP address Y, which is/has also been used by account owner X.

So, assuming that your husband or your husband's friend arent "BSing you" - I say this because the friend could no-doubt lose his job and open Facebook up to all sorts of liability by willy-nilly telling you who sent this message (i give it a 40% change that it's BS) .. anyway - depending on how they "traced" the message, it could have been someone borrowing your neighbor's unsecured WiFi, which would show it as coming from their IP address (your neighbor would have to have WiFi, and it would have to be open for anyone to sit out in the front yard and use).. OR, someone would have to be using the facebook name and password of your eldery asian neighbors.

My questions: if it was an anonoymous message, how do you know it was from someone in your friend 'circle' ?
How did they claim to "trace" it - ie; what method did they use to determine it was your next door neighbor? I ask because if they say "we traced the IP address to this person's house", then that is 100% BS, as Facebook does NOT have the ablity to do that - i dont care how uber your husband's 'friend' says he is.. Actually, the more i think about it the fishy'er the whole thing sounds.

Re: tracing anonymous facebook messages

I have to agree with Hubby. Too fishy.

From a completely non-technical perspective, if I were in your situation, I would consider the possibility that my spouse/significant other may want me off the scent of whomever actually sent the message.

Consider the message.
Consider who would gain by sending it to you.
Consider who would lose by you figuring out who sent it.

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Re: tracing anonymous facebook messages

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Re: tracing anonymous facebook messages

Facebook can identify the IP address only. The IP address needs to go to the relevant ISP to identify the Billing or physical address, and for that you need a warrant. As a matter of fact, you need a warrant for both!

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