tracking a stalker

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tracking a stalker

cell phone xx6-745-18xx
ip address
looking for location owner or address


Re: tracking a stalker

You will never be able to get an accurate location or ANY personal information from a phone number and/or IP address without a subpoena or warrant forcing the mobile carrier to turn over their private customer information.
However when you make your police report about the stalker they can easily get this information. They wont give that information to you but they will use it to help take care of the problem.

dick tracy
Re: tracking a stalker

bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty! yes you can and Google maps walks you to front door case it by satelite

Re: tracking a stalker

can I track a persons number and location from where he sent me inbox messages on facebook

Haxxor Bin Jokin
Re: tracking a stalker

Don't pay attention to these naysayers that tell you that you can't track someone from Facebook. It's easy.
In your Facebook Messages app click on the message that your stalker sent you then click the little 'more' gear-icon. Under the 'more' options, click "track message". A screen will appear with the terms about not using the information to break any laws, blah blah, click "accept" and after a few seconds you will see the IP address, and the street address the message was sent from. If the the address is an apartment complex, the apartment number will be shown and if the stalker was using the Facebook mobile app, the phone number of that device will also be shown.

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