Treatment for Warts

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Treatment for Warts

I thought I would tell you guys about a little known (well, not known to me) treatment for warts.  Last year, Dex had a plantar wart on the bottom of his foot and his dermatologist gave us 3 options.  Freeze it, cut it out, or inject it with a product made from Candida yeast.  The doc was really pushing injection so that's what we did.  It works!

Dex didn't exactly enjoy the shots - the normal treatment is a few injections into the wart site on the first visit and a few during a follow-up visit a few weeks later.  Within days after the first treatment, the wart had already begun to disappear.  Within 2 weeks, all that was left was some flakey skin that looked like a healed callus.  4 weeks, it was gone.

It was explained that this Candida yeast injection causes the body's immune system to fight the same virus that causes the wart.  Dex also had a small wart on the knuckle of his thumb and that one went away too although the injection was on done only to the one on his foot.

Here is one of the best pages describing this treatment:



Re: Treatment for Warts

Warts are onne of the aesthetically unappealing skin disorders in existence.
The main reason people are desperate to have skin tags removed is because they do not look at all attractive.
It's useful as an anti-inflammatory spice to help kesep the arteries clear.

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