Weird trojan downloader problem

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Good Luck Chuck
Weird trojan downloader problem

I picked up a trojan downloader a couple of days ago, downloaded software to remove it and all seems fine, except now when I try to save pictures from my browser to my desktop or any other file, as soon as they have downloaded they disappear. Also another thing is I now get a 'this in not a valid win32 application' error when trying to download any software. Anyone know what the problem is?



Re: trojan downloader problem

Good Luck Chuck wrote:

Anyone know what the problem is?

Yah.. your Windows is borked..

My guess is that in repairing your system the repair tool broke or removed something. Although I havent had to deal with this in a longgg time (thanks Apple!), last time I did deal with it, i had to do a full-wipe and re-install. You might be able to get by with a 'system repair', but then you'll never really know if your computer is still compromised (aka rootkit or something else not being detected).

Good Luck Chuck...
Re: trojan downloader problem

I did a system restore and it seems to be working ok now. I hate windows, I only use this computer for work. I still have my trusty Mac and now I remember why. Thanks!

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