Do you trust your data (email, photos, documents) to 'The Cloud' ?




I guess i'm a bit in between.. I dont trust my stuff to live ONLY on the cloud.. I keep most things on the PC, then use "the cloud" for backup..

Important documents have 1 hard copy, 1 flash or external drive copy and 1 copy on PC

Digital Photos are on Flash cards, External Hard Drive, and CD and if acessed often on the PC while last of the film developed Pictures from 2005 vegas trip are in albums above computer (Can't seem to find 35mm film for camera type, to say nothing of the Polariod Instamatic film so went all digital in last 5 years)

Emails are saved on their pop servers with only recipts and inportant ones on external hard drive back up

Every day corraspondance is never likey stored and is lost to time

Make me wonder about how much was not written "in stone" in the Ancient cultures considering if something happen to us (As in "The Day after People" Series) we have nothing that would show we ever existed after 15,000 years (in accessable written form that is)

i guess this is why im on here...what is cloud?

"The Cloud" is a reference to any online-only system or data storage like gMail, Mozy-Backup, DropBox, etc.. Note though that when you use some sort of 'client' software to download something and save it on your PC, it is not in "the cloud" ..
So.. if you use gMail, and only access your messages via the gMail web-interface, your email is stored in "the cloud" (out there, on the interwebs).. if you use Outlook and "pull down" those messages from "the cloud" to your PC, then your messages are not in "the cloud" anymore..

o. okay. i use gmail primarliy. it helps save room on my pc. (i save almost everything) if its really important i save it to my pc then to my external hard drive.

Personally I dont like the name "the cloud". "Cloud" computing has essentially turned into a marketing term for anything that involves the internet.

Actually, some of the true Cloud-Computing systems that automatically give you ever-expanding storage AND CPU resources (like Amazon's Elastic service) are pretty slick..IF you are a giant company that needs that kind of thing.. but you are right about it being the newest marketing catch-phrase that usually just means "the interwebs"..

I keep copies of most important things on my PC, external and on one of my servers. Everything else stays where it came from- gmail, pop servers, etc.

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