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TV Antenna


I recently bought an Hisense LCD with an inbuilt hd tuner. I've hooked up a brand new aerial outside, and ran the cord directly into the television. Every time I scan for new channels, 7 SBS channels come up and thats all. They are in hd. In analog i get a very very fuzzy channel 7 and thats all.

I bought my dad a Teac LCD and we tried that in my room, it is exactly the same. Both televisions work in the lounge with the existing aerial connection.

Please help. What have I done wrong/ How can I fix it?



Re: TV Antenna

is the TV antenna "made for HD" (meaning "UHF"), or is it a 'regular' VHF antenna?

Re: TV Antenna

This website may be able to help with your problem.  You can find out what channels are available  and find recommendations for the best antenna for your area.  



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Re: TV Antenna
you probably got a UHF antenna that only gets UHF and HD channels so you wont get old analog channels lower than 13
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Re: TV Antenna
You might be too far away to get any channels

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