Two things, IM and new forum topic.....

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Two things, IM and new forum topic.....

First off, I want to know about either a messenger on GuG, or a topic about messengers. I have yahoo, MSN and myspace, and all have jjbova (either @hotmail, @yahoo.... or myspace). Just curious.

Next is, can we start a topic about all the questions about GuG? So there is one place to look for all these questions? I just think it would be easier than doing the search and getting everything we don't want to know about? Just a thought (I like helping out a site, specially one that is already cool)


Re: Two things, IM and new forum topic.....

I kind of agree that there should be a forum for GuG questions because I know if say I wanted to look up GuG points and what there all about you type GuG points into search and its soo hard to find the info your looking for because everyone's GuG points come up in the search!!

Re: Two things, IM and new forum topic.....

Good Morning, There are ways to contact people, and you can find it pretty easily. One way is to find their user name. If you search the user name, you'll get a list of forums that the've been logged on during, click on user name, and it should bring you to a page that has a way (if there is one), to contact the person. if they aren't willing to get private emails, it will say so. if they do accept emails you just send away to your heart's desire. any ?...just email meTongue out juliek

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