Unlocking A Smartphone To Be OUTLAWED

Unlocked smartphoneCell phones and, more importantly, smartphone, are all generally sold to the public as "locked" devices. What this means is that users are only allowed or able to use their phone on a specific network unless they go through the proper channels to unlock the phone. Up until now it has technically been legal to unlock a phone without any carrier approval but thanks to an update to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act it will be illegal to unlock your phone, starting this Saturday.

Now, it is important to note that this does not affect jailbreaking/rooting, so most smartphone users really have nothing to worry about. Generally the only people that truly unlock their phones are international travelers that enjoy saving money by using local SIM cards overseas. So if you've ever thought about unlocking your phone now is the time to realize it will soon be illegal.
But we just have to ask, who is really going to enforce this law?




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