Update on "advice"

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Update on "advice"

So I took the advice given a few months ago and walked away from my friend with the cheating boyfriend.


And when I was asked "why" I told her.


It went as smoothly as an ice road trucker rollin' over a rocky road. And what I mean by that is I was met with utter silence from her. She's never responded to *me* nor did she believe me. She's told other people how I made it all up and I was trying to seduce her boyfriend for years.


The friend and the boyfriend  blocked me on facebook and myspace.

yeah. whatever. we all want  32 year old  balding men who live in the basement of their parent's home, rent and bill free, and who also quit their jobs because they were actually given work to do instead of sitting at a desk all day playing on the internet.

he emailed them and said he needed a mental health break and wonders why he got fired....hmm....


YEP...he's a catch ladies!


But enough of the bashing!




I actually caught the boyfriend checking up on me. I have a livejournal with an ljnifty. ljnifty keeps track of who reads your live journal and the IP address they came from. ( I had a bug on my myspace from LJ nifty and labled boyfriend's IP adress/ her ip adress..ect.. Ljnifty keeps track of this)

Funny thing, I haven't vented or written anything about them since it happened.

I was a friend of boyfriend's brother on livjournal. Yes, I said "was".  After all this blocking and bad mouthing...boyfriend would logg onto his brother's livejournal to read my entries. (I would make some entries friend's only ect...)  Checking ljnifty one day, I noticed his brother's account was logged on from boyfriend's IP address. (brother lives in CA, boyfriend lives in my state)


Perhaps I did the wrong thing that night, I emailed his brother and told him boyfriend was using his lj. He thought it was creepy I was keeping track of who reads my blogs.

I created a filter for my friend's list after that, keeping his brother on a list where I would post about nothing personal.


 He still logged on to his brother's account. Sometimes he'd check my blog 5 times in an hour. It got really really creepy and stalkerish.


I took brother off my friend's list and wrote an open letter to boyfriend, copying and posting from lj nifty the dates and times he had checked my lj that day.  I called him a stalker and told him to get a life, get a clue.

Strange how after doing that, he hasn't checked my lj since.


I don't think that's going to stop him though. Call it a feeling...



Re: Update on "advice"

writtenstatic wrote:
I don't think that's going to stop him though. Call it a feeling...

go with your "gut feeling" writtenstatic. you did the right thing imho. plus you performed great detective work and have supporting data! just watch-out for number one!



Re: Update on "advice"


I meant  ljtoys



There was a way to create a "bug" for your myspace. It's on the adblock list of blocked trackers.

I think myspace found a way to block it because I haven't been able to track anyone using it lately.

Re: Update on "advice"

I was going to ask if it was LJToys or LJNifty--nifty is a community on LJ. =)

Re: Update on "advice"

" He thought it was creepy I was keeping track of who reads my blogs."

I want to say that I don't think it's 'creepy' to keep track of who visits what you have on the web. I've been doing it since 1999, and I've been using LJToys since 2006. I've discovered some really interesting things, one was similar to what you posted--someone on my list made a grudge post about me, and then gave out HER password and told her friends who were threatening me to "go read my entries and take note of my phone number" I'd posted. She was going to "look the other way" if they did anything with it. LJToys told on her. It also told me her new username, when she made grudge posts about me on LJ and off, when she sent perverts to my journal to look at the 'slut' and so on.

As for tracking other things, I had no idea how my mom knew I was doing things that she didn't aprove of (despite me being 18 and not living with her) until I checked my stats to my blog and guess what? She was reading it. My dad had told her where it was! Live and learn.

Re: Update on "advice"


I think LJ toys is the neatest thing since peanut butter...lol




If love is the answer can someone please rephrase the question for me...

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