Urgent Myspace Bulletin I saw

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Urgent Myspace Bulletin I saw

I don't know if this has already been addressed or not and I couldn't find it in the forums lists..but I saw a bulletin on myspace that says to go to edit friends and delete the profiles with red x's off of your friend list..Because they are spammers.

I haven't had the time to research it, so I don't know if the profiles can affect you even tho they are deleted. I don't think they can affect you. But I just thought it was an important piece of info to pass on to others because the bulletin said it was urgent.


Re: Urgent Myspace Bulletin I saw

yes -i heard that as well. I have never deleted emails out of my myspace account, so i had tons of pages in my inbox. Some of those messages that i hadnt opened yet, turned out to be the red X ones, so i had to delete them.

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Re: Urgent Myspace Bulletin I saw

Okay Yipe....I went & deleted all of those x's.....There was 89!!! :O

Don't delete them...Read this blog

I made the mistake of deleting mine before this blog was published....


DO NOT delete profiles showing up as
Category: MySpace

The below is a bulletin going around that I've gotten several messages about:

Subject Lines:
"Get Rid of Those Pesty Hackers and Virus's..."
"Delete those hackers from your account"
"Here's a retarded bulletin with bogus info in it!!! Pass it on!!!!!!1"

"Go to your friends list hit "edit friends" and you will see gray boxes with red X's and next to them they will say "DELETED -This profile no longer exists" DELETE THEM!!! they are hackers and everyone has them so please go delete them!

Also don't stop there go into your comments & messages and delete the ones there that have the same box with the red X...also people need to delete the comments that have the smiley face which says PROFILE WATCHER because their friends didn't post it the hacker did and then go look under edit profile and see if there's anything unusual that was not put there by you and delete it.....After you get all of that done you should go into account settings and put a new password in....Because more likely then not the hacker has gotten your password...So change it!!!!"


This is a typical gram-of-truth/metric-ass-load-of-bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty MySpace bulletin.

1. DO NOT delete profiles showing up as deleted.
The "This Profile No Longer Exists" image / text is sometimes shown on accounts that have simply been flagged for spam. Normal people get flagged due to spammers sending stuff out from their accounts after phishing their passwords via spoof log-in pages. Or, after a worm or other script sends spam from their accounts. Innocent people usually have their profiles fully restored eventually, but deleting those "This Profile No Longer Exists" accounts can inadvertently remove actual friends from your list who just happen to be flagged as spammers at the moment.

Yes, percentage-wise most of the profiles showing up like that are actually spam accounts - NOT "hackers". Those accounts will eventually be completely flushed from MySpace's database if they are indeed spam accounts and not innocent people who have been flagged. And, having them on your friend list in the meantime is completely harmless.

2. The profile watcher comments should be deleted. That part is true. If it's one of the "undeletable" ones: I'm pretty sure that you can remove it via safe mode.

Homepage >>> Profile Edit >>> Safe Edit Mode >>> Comments

3. Yes, you should remove any code from your profile that you didn't put there. No shit, Sherlock.

4. Yes, you should change your password fairly often. And, quit falling for spoof log in pages. ;-)

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Re: Urgent Myspace Bulletin I saw

I apologize, I hadn't realized what area it was in.

Somebody had brought that up and said that possibly the deleted profiles were active friends who may have been reported as spammers... so maybe to wait out deleting them (I have already deleted mine) or if you know for sure that all your friends are there, then go ahead... there's nothing all too clear about what this is yet...


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Re: Urgent Myspace Bulletin I saw

It's weird thou. I never add anyone that I don't know. And have not really added anyone lately at all. So if they were not hackers or whatever...how in the hell did they get there? lol

I never get spam emails either...thats just a bit odd. And my Blogs & pictures are still all screwed up.

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