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I have a problem- this person has continuously harassed me to NO END with her antics for almost a year now and I am sick & tired of it- I need some help in understanding how & what shes doing because its all too confusing for me- I have mstracker.net & trakzor- not the best but just for now- when I check the visit record, it shows a different persons profile from numerous different states across the country- but yet its HER same IP address everytime- and the strangest thing is each profile/hit is at the same exact times! So it shows several seemingly legit profile & friend ID's from NY to TX, all at the same time, but the same IP address & proxy that shows the area she lives in- I dont get it- and I have had to literally reformat my computer a couple of times bcuz she has sent me 2-3 Trojans @ a time somehow through myspace which destroyed my page & computer- even though I have protection- my page has been set to private for a long time, I have changed my email address & pswds numerous times to no avail! But she has gotten in it somehow & continues to harass me- There are no friends on my list that I do not know- Somebody please help me in figuring this out so I can end this nitemare!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Banshee


Dream Girl

Sounds to me like she's installed a remote keylogger on your pc or could possibly be accessing it through wireless. I had a friend who had the same problem awhile back. She could be going through a Proxy to give you the different locations (although AOL always goes through a Proxy) or perhaps she is using a wireless laptop and hitting off different internet connections. If you will do a search and look at a topic I started about a month or so ago, it was asking for help for a friend whose account had been compromised repeatedly and the advice was fantastic!!! We were able to solve his problem and he hasn't had any problems since then!

As far as the trojans are concerned - what kind of virus protection do you have on your computer? Is there any possibility at all this person could physically be accessing your computer or is it definitely remote accessing?

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I do know that AOL uses a proxy so several different people who use AOL will seem to have the same IP address. Also, she can sign onto Myspace and as long as she uses different email addresses, she can have alot of different Myspace accounts and even though she may live in New York, NY, she can assign her city and state as whatever she wants. Dream Girl notes that she may have installed a keylogger, which is possible, but to do that she would have to attach it as an .exe file to an email, then email it to you. The problem with that is most email software realizes the executable and will catch it through the virus protection (which you have, right?...check it cause it is important). Be careful what links or profiles you click on, and what email you open. If she is harassing you that badly, notify her service provider and see if they can pinpoint it.

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