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Using material from other websites

Hey, sorry I dont know if this relates to HTML exactly. I want to do something that involves taking parts of other websites and putting them on my website as sort of a combo thing to access specific functions of both sites. I was wondering if anyone new the legality of this type of thing? Could I just take parts of a site... say a blog or something interactive, and "embed" it on mine without permission, or would I need to come to an agreement with that website owner? Im guessing it could really go either way with the legality seeing as I'd be showing their website (or part) on mine, so they're techically getting the same if not more views, but then again, their ads would be bypassed which seems sketchy. If anyone knows about this type of thing I would greatly appreciate your help. Also, sorry if I didnt explain it very well, I'm not that familiar with website making yet so my terminology isnt very good. Let me know if you'd like a clarification. Thanks.



Re: material from other websites

You need to get with the other website owner. The legality really only goes one-way; and if you 'steal' their content, the legality goes against you.

most website owners would be happy to get more exposure and traffic, so they would probably say yes - but the website owner may have reasons to not want you to do something like this.

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