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Re: Vacation!

That's in the panhandle, pretty far from where I am in FL. It's geographically closer to New Orleans, to give anyone who doesn't know FL an idea...

I've never been out that way. Maybe some other FL-based GuGiers will have something for you. 

Re: Vacation!

I have never been to Siesta Key, FL but always wanted to go after reading about the sand one day:

A team of scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
judged the sugary powder at Siesta Key to be the “finest, whitest
sand in the world” during the “Great International White Sand Beach
Challenge”, a title that still stands today. The scientists studied
samples from more than 30 beaches around the world and declared
Siesta’s sand was made of 99% pure quartz.
Unlike most beaches that are made of crushed shells, rocks or lava,
this sand is pure white, and as fine as sugar. The ultra-fine
texture and dazzling reflectivity allows the sand to remain cool
underfoot, even during the hottest time of day.


 Anyone know of it or been there?


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Re: Vacation!

Siesta Key is nice, and I've noticed the best "eye candy" there in the past. I don't make it up there really, its like an hour or more north of me. But Sarasota is a decent sized city, theres going to be plenty of other stuff to do as well. I know a couple good pubs there... 


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