Valentine's❤Day for Families (ideas)

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Valentine's❤Day for Families (ideas)

Wanting to keep both the Anti and the Pro Valentine members happy this season! So if V.Day is not for you, get your rants off here

We are going away as a family this Valentine's Day weekend with another family to their homes (several) in the Pocono's. Yes, we'll freeze our azses off. I'd prefer a holiday in the tropics personally. However it is an unusual out of the norm family geared invite from good friends of it's on! It's a great family destination for skiing, boarding and tubing the snow. I'd like to get a day of cross country skiing in.

We are not real keen on V.Day and how over commercialized it is, however, having a child in the house she does get really excited and quite crafty with her construction paper, scissors, and glue! We do treat her to freshly baked sweets and a hand written poem from us both. This demonstrates to her that you can celebrate w/out buying all of the garb that is out there.

Share your ideas for Valentine's Day with your family/children. If you have a sitter for the night or weekend....I'm!



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