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I was reading the GUG Vegas trip thread and it brought back memories of my last trip there.  I went for 7 days and 6 nights...Insanity right?!  Long story short, my cousin and I ran out of money 3 days in, we had to go to the mini-mart and buy a 6 pack, Walmart to buy a gallon of water, Fudge Stripe cookies, and a bag of Fritos.  We lived off that for the next 2 days.  One day we came back to our room to find, one beer missing, 2 cookies on a napkin (neither one of us put them there), and a name tag on my bed.  I have it to this day.  We then discovered the wonderful world of time shares and got 2 free lunches, 3 free shows (one of which included a yummy dinner) and a few other perks.  Basically that's how we survived until it was time to leave.  She was considering selling me on the streets cause she thought my face would be the money maker. Hahaha! It was pretty bad then but now we laugh so hard about it.  So, I wondered, anyone else have a funny Vegas story?  I'm sure you do!


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Re: Vegas!!


 Did you speak to the hotel manager? 



You know, we thought about doing that but we didn't want to get the hotel maid in trouble.  I don't know.  Would have been the smart thing to do but, we were laughing so much about it at first, I figured- If I'm not angry enough about this to stop laughing for a minute, it's probably not worth possibly costing someone their job. 

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Re: Vegas!!

my favorite vegas story is when i won $1000 bucks at roulette.

it made up for the time when i was 21 and spent half of my rent money....woops!

yeah...can you imagine that phone call...

"hi mom. yeah, vegas was you have $200 dollars i can borrow for rent? oh...and can come over for dinner tonite?...and tomorrow..." 

oh, AND i hit a jackpot in Bally's on a quarter slot in Reno....does that count? $1200!!!! 

Re: Vegas!!

K so i'll sit next to you while you do the slots, and when you win jackpot i'm going to bump you off your stool so that i can get the $$ ;-) 

J/K!  but, man, vegas would be FUN! never been to a casino ever.  i think i'd just play the slots the entire time.  if i lose 50 quarters it won't seem so bad :-p

Re: Vegas!!

hahh hahh... thats a cool story to start the morning... No crazy stories with me.. Only fights with the stupid front desk.. lol..we paid for an upgrade.. they were trying to sticking us in a old stinkin small beat up room... hahh... but yeah we won..

I hate playing slots.. you put in 20 bucks and a minute later you come  back broke.. I have bad luck with them... I just stick to my hold'em table... Thats the only way i'll come up.. and plus it will keep me busy for at least an hour... =)


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