Verizon hacks for free stuff???

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Verizon hacks for free stuff???

I have read about a lot of cell hacks and tweaks on lots of different forums....but no one really says if these will work on Verizon phones...Do they??



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Re: Verizon Hacks???

I have Verizon, but I've never hacked on my own phone.  LOL!


I was able to get around the having to buy a Verizon ring tone, though.  

Re: Verizon Hacks???

How did you get around that ?


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Re: Verizon Hacks???


Verizon disabled all phones from WAP downloading, so the only ways to send stuff to Verizon phones are picture messaging and blueTooth. Following are 3 steps to send stuff to Verizon phones through picture messaging:
(1) Download the ringtone, video or wallpaper to your PC.
(2) Send an email to [email protected], for example [email protected]
(3) Attach the ringtone, video or wallpaper in the email. You can attach multiple items in one email as long as the email can pass Verizon MMS gateway (300kb limit).

It takes a while (15-20 min) to receive the message. If there is problem, make sure that you have a camera phone with PIX messageing enabled at Verizon. If you still have problem receiving the email, contact Verizon Wireless.

Re: Verizon Hacks???

but if you have the lg vx9800 you cant save the ringtones to your ringtones folder. verizon disabled it on my phone. mthe newer version of that phone can be saved as a ring tone. wish i had a way around it! :-(

Re: Verizon Hacks???

I still use a free site to download ringtones to my Verizon phone.  


Are they blocking them recently? 

Re: ATT Hacks???

Does anyone know of sites for any or all of free ringtones, wallpapers, or answertones(probably not this one)? I can't use my own music as a ringtone for some reason. My fone says its too large. I had another fone w/ att that let me place any song I wanted as a ringtone for anyone. Hmmm...I don't like to buy from them(att) b/c they're songs are short and repetitive. They don't even play the good part of the song! LOL.  would telling you what kind of phone help? ill be back to mention it. thanks 

Re: ATT Hacks???

The best advice I can offer anyone who wants to mod/hack/customize their phone is to do what I did:

Take the carrier, brand and specific model number - in my case it's Verizon Motorola RAZR V3m (with or without quotes - try one, then the other) and use keywords that would lead to what you want done.

Hacks, mods, editing, etc. Use several variations if your first search doesn't come up with anything useful.

I assure you there's at least one forum out there full of users who all have the exact same phone model and carrier and goal you have. And I did everything I wanted to hack/mod my phone never registered for one forum. Every question I had was already answered once I searched for it.

Remember, Google is your friend.

And once you find one of these sites, read the tutorials and follow instructions perfectly. Consider your phone like a super-delicate mini computer. But one wrong move can break it and there's rarely a "go back" or "restore" feature for a phone.

Also keep in mind that doing anything in violation of your phone's agreement (hacking is usually one of such violations) will void your warranty. That's why it's crucial to find a site that looks legit, that has lots of users and lots of input.


Re: ATT Hacks???

If you go to, you can download ringtones and wallpaper from there. It's pretty cool because other people upload some of their stuff too :)

Re: ATT Hacks??? from a blackberry/pda/droid device

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Re: ATT Hacks???
Fun for mobile it's an app u can download


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