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Re: ATT Hacks???

Check these .., .... , ...,,

Re: Verizon Hacks!!!

[quote=Gunner]I have read about a lot of cell hacks and tweaks on lots of different forums....but no one really says if these will work on Verizon phones...Do they??

Depends on the phone, I would think. I posted the links that helped me hack my RAZR V3M quite a while ago. I'd say like a year ago.

I wasn't aware that modding/hacking a phone has anything to do with the carrier. You're hacking the phone, right? Not your wireless service.

Verizon (and I would think every carrier does it to one extent or another) disables a lot of features when you buy the phone from them, which can be unlocked by SEEM editing. This entails connecting the phone to your computer (surprisingly my Canon camera has the right kind of hookup) and following a step by step. I believe I had to unlock it to enable it to download drivers from the manufacturer's site (Verizon doesn't want you connecting their phone to your computer without buying extra crap from them - and you don't need to), then just following tutorials to enable the features you want.

The issues are that SEEM editing automatically voids any warranty (if you take it back, they just need to punch in a couple things on the phone to see you opened it) and one wrong digit punched could potentially lock up your phone and you're screwed. But hell, I did it.

Verizon locks any "multimedia" options as well since they want you to subscribe to V-Cast. You can buy their version of Motorola phone tools for like $30 (?) and it has the "Multimedia" option mysteriously blurred. Buy the regular version of Phone Tools and your phone won't recognize it.  Naturally, they don't want you creating your own ringtones but as far as Motorola goes, their little program for making tunes into ringtones is pretty nifty. If you have a Motorola, I suggest doing whatever you can to enable it to work on your phone.

I happen to think it's ridiculous that they disable features a phone has and then make you pay more for their lame V-Cast. It's likely V-Cast doesn't have the songs I want anyway.

All you need to do is google your phone's make and model, then include the words "unlock" "mods" and/or "hacks" and see what comes up. Maybe even your phone and "SEEM editing" too. Here are the sites I used for my phone but I'm sure there are guides out there for most current phones.

Good luck!

Re: Verizon Hacks!!!

Great post Elle. It's ridiculous how verizon cripples their phones, but luckily most of it can be eradicated with some minor fixes. I've done my share of seem editing with the Moto's and will second Elle's recommendation of Moto Phone Tools for customizing your phone. If you're dealing with Nextel Motos you will need WebJal. BitPim is the best bet for LGs. And all these programs are available for free online if you look hard enough.  However, if you're using a verizon motoQ, most of that hacking has to be done via the phone's registry-so it's a horse of a different color, but still really customizable.

Having said all that, if you're looking for hacked games for the phone, that's not going to happen. Verizon runs on  BREW, and the best of the games are Java based. 



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Re: Verizon Hacks!!! is also a very useful site for all different phones and carriers. that's where i found the majority of hacks for each phone i've had.

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Re: Verizon Hacks???

yes it works! sum1z hackn ma fone rite nw !

Re: Verizon Hacks???

I have almost full access to my Motorola Droid by default (the only thing I don't have yet is root access), so I don't need any real hacks. I can program for it on my Linux box and even put the program in the Market for free lol. Oh and I changed some options in the program menu (dial ##7764726).

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Re: Verizon Hacks???
how would you do that? because i have VX11000
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Re: Verizon Hacks???

just type in ##7764726 in the interior screen along with the hw/sw # you can find this on the box it comes with or in phone info.
EX: with the EnV 2 you would type ##776473269100 because 9100 is the hw/sw number then hit send like to call some one and you should get a screen that says service code and funny enough its 000000 i dont know what to do with it but i can get their

btw: for most phone it has to be done on the interior screen if it doesnt have an interior screen its probably done on the outside if not at all

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Re: Verizon Hacks???
Whats the Service Code for a verizon lg model 5500 ?
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Re: Verizon Hacks???
i have a piece of crap phone. its a motorola rival. any ways is there any hacks available for this phone?


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