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Verizon ICloud

My fiancé and I had Verizon account together I had an Iphone and I had Verizon icloud he told me that Verizon is mailing him EVERYTHING off of my Verizon I cloud all of my messages! Can he really get into MY Verizon Icloud and do that! I have a restraining order. I was told he couldn't unless he had my email and password? Please I don't trust him! And should I delete all of his messages also!



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Re: Verizon ICloud

Just for clarification, there is no such thing as "Verizon iCloud". iCloud is a product of Apple and Verizon has no control over it.
Unless you are referring to some other product from Verizon and are in fact talking about "iCloud", the only way anyone can get any information (email, iMessages, etc) from iCloud is by using your login and password OR by putting some nefarious on your phone/computer that will secretly email everything to them.
Change your iCloud password and enable "2 factor verification" and to be extra safe you may want to "restore" your iPhone which will wipe off everything and require you to re-download all of your apps, and if you have a computer you should also take steps to ensure it is 'clean'. I am guessing you may need help doing all of these things.
If you are not talking about Apple iCloud and are referring to some other product from Verizon, please give us more information.

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