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Zoo Keeper
VHS Tapes to DVD

So I am sorting my training library and have quite a few (okay way too many) videos on VHS that I need to get to DVD's since many of the places I train in do not offer VHS players anymore (go figure....). Many of the VHS tapes cannot be reordered in DVD form due to age, producer out of business, etc. I have been googling how to transfer and everyone has an opinion and method. I would like to just send them somewhere and let someone else do it but I'm sure they will bring up copyright issues. So any suggestions from GuGer's on how to do this quickly with little effort on my part...LOL.I just don't have time to mess with over a 100 VHS tapes but I need them...urgh...


Oh and can we just agree to ignore what comes after DVD's and Blue-Rays so I don't have to keep starting over?



Re: VHS Tapes to DVD

I've transferred a dozen or so VHS tapes to DVD and it was a pain! Took forever too.. If I had to do it all over I would find a local place (check the phone book) and pay them to do it. You would have to ask, but I doubt they care about the copyright issues.. Also, since it probably won't cost much more you might want to have them put them on Blueray, or DVD and Blueray..

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Re: VHS Tapes to DVD

 I've done it as well. It kind of sucked. I used a usb device once that was meant for transferring video from an analog camcorder to the computer and I've used the inputs on a tv tuner card. The tv card worked best. Neither really made me very happy but the tv card came real close. The video transfer places here won't do copyrighted material. That being said you could still try and maybe argue the case of availability. You may be able to sway a sympathetic person. 

Re: VHS Tapes to DVD

i tried a local store to put a tape on dvd because the move is not made anymore and they wanted to charge me 30.00 for it. its time consuming but 30.00 seemed steep. maybe theyd have given me a discount if i had like 50 or more to do like zoo but it would still be expensive. i will say they didnt care much about the copyright part. probably because i wasnt using it for anything more than personal use though. my suggestion would be to maybe convert a few important ones and then just bring a vcr with you when teaching. i know that seems like a pain too but its easier than trying to convert all those vhs tapes. or just find new updated material. =)

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