video editing/burning/DVD authoring program anyone?

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video editing/burning/DVD authoring program anyone?

I've been using a really really old version of Ulead DVD MovieFactory (gasp - version 2! I don't think they even offer support now for anything before version 4!). In fact, I've put up with glitches galore on it - 99% of the .avis that I download get a "unsupported file type" error. No biggie - that's what converters are for. But I know there are better programs out there. There must be.

I have a (ahem) "trial" copy of the newest version MovieFactory 6. I hate it. I know how to customize menus and this thing is just too annoying. Try making your own menu screen template with it, the older version made it easy. This one's awful. In fact, it won't even rotate video. I have to edit using freakin' Windows Movie Maker if I take video vertically (digital still camera with video option - it's not a full featured digital video camera) and need it to be not sideways (duh). Stoopid oversight or so hard to find the option that even a seasoned pirate can't figure it out. Either way, I'm ready to bid adieu to Ulead.

So although most of my downloads go right to my iPod then are soon deleted, I would like a reliable, fully customizable and easy to use DVD authoring/burning/editing program. I have several movies in mp4 format and realize a little converting will be necessary, but I'd really like them on a true DVD rather than burn as a data file and tell my pals to get iTunes to watch it on their computer.

Any suggestions? What video editing software do you love?
(I should probably just ask foamy what he uses...)

Thanks in advance.


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