Myspace lets anyone view private profiles

On August 18 2006 a post was made at our website explaining how easy it was to access (private) comments and photos on Myspace profiles set to "private". This vulnerability in Myspace profiles had apparently been known by the "Myspace underground" for some time, but had not been addressed by the Myspace security people. On August 26, this vulnerability was made public on and suddenly the whole world knew about it. Once in the spotlight, Myspace band-aided this "view private profile" hole in less than 24 hours.

Note: The information contained on this page is for educational purposes only. It is hoped that by making such breaches in Myspace privacy/security public, Myspace administrators/programmers can correct the issue and prevent further lapses in security in the future. has been notified of this security vulnerability. Originally posted: 8/18/06; 12:05PM

Posted by: xxrachelnic0lexx;

Subject: comments on a private profile's the Myspace code to view private comments: *insert their Myspace friendID at the end For pictures: ** **Put the friendID there


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How can you spam on AIM?

Post the new code. It will prolly be fixed in like 2 weeks anyways.

Is there something out there that allows you to view private or diary blogs on myspace? A little or any help would be appreciated.

ok i know of the view p comment hole or at least one, and it works!! =) but can any one email me tha 1 for the view priv pics or prof 1?? i'd greatly appreciate it...or even a blog one...actualy i'm up for anything other than the priv comment 1...thanks..and i'm new here so uhh pleaz let me know somethin...even for giggles

can someone please email me the code for a private myspace profile? I don't need the comments, have it already. I need to look at the pics and the profile itself.


IF anyone knows how to view Private myspace accounts that would be great!

any codes to view anything on private profiles would be apreciated....i have a baby girl and am trying to get custody from my abusive ex....please help

how can u view comments that are hidden?

is there a way to view private mesages NOT comments?

yes...i've been lookin for this too...private messages...not comments...and favs too if possible!  ~kisskiss~B


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