Myspace lets anyone view private profiles

On August 18 2006 a post was made at our website explaining how easy it was to access (private) comments and photos on Myspace profiles set to "private". This vulnerability in Myspace profiles had apparently been known by the "Myspace underground" for some time, but had not been addressed by the Myspace security people. On August 26, this vulnerability was made public on and suddenly the whole world knew about it. Once in the spotlight, Myspace band-aided this "view private profile" hole in less than 24 hours.

Note: The information contained on this page is for educational purposes only. It is hoped that by making such breaches in Myspace privacy/security public, Myspace administrators/programmers can correct the issue and prevent further lapses in security in the future. has been notified of this security vulnerability. Originally posted: 8/18/06; 12:05PM

Posted by: xxrachelnic0lexx;

Subject: comments on a private profile's the Myspace code to view private comments: *insert their Myspace friendID at the end For pictures: ** **Put the friendID there


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So I'm trying to view my boyfriends profile. I am pregnant with his child and i have my suspicions that he has been seeing another woman. I'm just trying to view his profile that is set to private. please someone email me the myspace code for that. or at least the myspace codes to view the status and mood. thank u.

Actually you can still see the status and mood of a private profile by logging in through myspace mobile:

I hate 2 tell u this but your dude is cheating on u

i need to view my husbands myspace plzz help he has it private n he doesnt even accept my friend request....i believe he not addin me because he is hiddin sumthing 4rm me...please if you do not mind email me with n e codes that still work

I find all the cheating husband/boyfriend comments on here hilarious. You have a myspace, yet your blocked from seeing your significant other's site? Lmao. You are the female version of a tool. A fool.

I'm trying to view my boyfriends MySpace but its set to private. Like literally everything. And he wont accept any of my friend requests. He says its just business and he states that he is single. Can anyone give me any codes to try to view comments and pics that are privaten I'm more interested in his inbox. That's where all the shit happens.

You can view private blogs through the mobile site.

my husband to be has a myspace n its set on private i want to see it his acts dumd wen i ask him n he hasnt accepted my friend request or giving me da password n i really will like to knw wat kan i do see it n i want to if is talking to girl or is he hiedding

No one uses Myspace anymore. He probbaly hasn't responded to your friend request because (like most of us) he hasn't logged into it for years.


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