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View Source Code without Being Tracked

Don't forget about sites like and which allow you to load the source code of a page without ever having to visit it. Use them to check for trackers or just to take a peek before you visit a page!


Re: View Source Code without Being Tracked

Thanks InfoGirl, you always seem to be very informative :)

Re: View Source Code without Being Tracked

You can also put view-source: in front of a url and it will take you directly to the source. For instance view-source:

Only works in firefox though.

Re: View Source Code without Being Tracked

Useful sites, thanks.

Re: View Source Code for beginners

besides searching for a tracker can someone please explain to me what you can find in view source - particularly my own. I was looking at it and wierd things i cant figure out. is it just a itemized file of everything on my page i put on or does it also show people who have been on it with their ID's? Also, if i go on someones, does my ID show up in there? seems to be the case but i'm unclear. help please. thanks

Re: View Source

Yes, it is just a "file" of what you put on your page, along with what myspace has on there as well.

When you leave comments on someones page--it will show a link to your profile in the view source that contains your myspace id number. (remember as you probably know, you cannot view source of a private profile--unless someone figures out a way to--which would be awesome)

but anyway, it doesn't show who visited the page in the view source. (unless there is something that someone adds to their page to show who has visited their page--providing a link to view their visitors' profiles.I dunno if there is something like that created yet, but maybe so.)

You can make your search for things on view source page much quicker by doing this (it sounds complicated, but after you do it, it becomes easy and useful in my opinion)


  • Make sure to use firefox with myspacemozilla added. 
  • Right click on a person's avatar and choose "view source-myspace profile" It's towards the bottom of box and it has a icon in front of it. note--it's possible that only certain avatars within their profile will do this.
  • When you see the view source page, it should say myspacemozilla in "big" letters at the top.
  • Then go to edit in your menu bar and then go to find on this page. Then type in keywords of things you want to look for in the view source. In relation to trackers, you can easily find trackers this way by putting in keywords that are usually in tracker codes.

I hope that made sense, I am sleeeepy :)

Re: View Source

What are the keywords usually in trackers?

Re: View Source

Use the ones in the Bottlebob's tracker list.  But it's easier to go to the page in question, open AdBlock Plus with updated filters, and note which trackers are highlighted (blocked trackers will be red).

Re: View Source

CM is correct, it is easier to use adblock along with filter list--to check for trackers.

I understood this forum by infogirl to be about looking at the source of a page without ever going to the profile.

But, yeah it is easier to use adblock---except you run the risk of getting tracked if that profile is using a "new" tracker that hasn't been added to the filter list yet.

This is why it is so important to look for new trackers and to let bottlebob know so that he can update the filter list.

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