Voice Texting While Driving Is Still Dangerous

Texting while drivingA number of apps and manufacturers are recommending that smartphone users switch to voice texting while driving because it is safer than texting. Obviously they are correct, it is in fact safer than texting, but do not let this make you think it is safe. A report released this week showed that voice texting usually takes longer than regular texting and is still just as distracting to a driver, thus making it just as dangerous as texting.

Apparently even receiving a verbal text message while driving is unsafe because it takes significant input to reply even when using a voice texting system. Not surprisingly the conclusion of the study is that texting while driving should never be acceptable, even if you are using a voice texting system. The safety risk is absolutely not worth it and even if voice seems safer it really isn't.
Don't let the "safer" option fool you into feeling safe, it is not worth it…





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