Free VOIP Help - Test your internet connection for VOIP quality

Test Your Internet Connection For VOIP Quality

As we pointed out on the save money on your phone bill page, the quality of any internet phone service (VOIP) depends on the quality of your internet connection. Obviously if your connection is slow you may experience poor sound quality while using a internet telephone service. But there might be other problems on your line that you aren't even aware of that can cause problems like 'stuttering', voice drop-out, disconnects, etc.

Free VOIP Internet Line Quality Test

The people at have put together an excellent internet line-quality test designed specifically for VOIP quality. Using this test before you sign up for a internet telephone service will give you an idea of the type of call quality you can expect. Click here for the free VOIP line quality test



i'm curious if anyone else has used this line quality test(s) above and compared the results against the actual performance of their VOIP.. it's proved accurate for us most of the time, however sometimes the test says 'excellent', but my voip quality sukx ..

If you have used the test, please post how accurate it seems.. also let us know who your VOIP provider is.. we use Vonage.



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In general my VOIP is quite good.
The test above is rating me just above acceptable.

After I upgraded to 10Meg/sec I thought my VOIP calls would be better but it still sounded like a bad cellphone call. after running the tests it showed I had a latency problem. It took months by my ISP finally corrected the problem and now my calls sound great.

I had the same issue. For good VOIP connections you need high bandwidth AND low latency.

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