Please Vote for my Son

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Please Vote for my Son

I was unsure where to post, but since this is a Wrestling Competition of some sort, I thought here would be the best bet
Please Please Please Please click the link, and then like the photo, should be a boy dressed up in a John Cena outfit​photo.php?fbid=443579455671598&​%E2%80%8Bset=a.442971055732438​.113720.2%E2%80%8B078705992424​86&type=3&theater
If you could also please share this with as many people as possible.
If you are an anti cena fan, please do not post negative comments, as this boy is only 3 years old.
Thanks in advance, and please keep this post bumped (if allowed)
Comp closes 1st June 2012



Re: Please Vote for my Son

i tried.. but your link does not work :-\

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