The War Online Is Beginning To Heat Up

DARPA is the US government’s official cutting edge cyber security team and according to a news release today they are going to be getting quite a bit more work. Following the consistent stream of attacks and data breaches around the world DARPA is going to begin developing some technologies to begin actually prosecuting individuals. Currently many of the largest cyber-attacks go uninvestigated simply because there is no way to track them; that is all about to change.

According to the official release DARPA is planning to use an offensive style of defense. Rather than attempting to protect Department of Defense computers they will simply return fire and take down any computer or network attempting to attack them. This is a new idea that has never really been implemented by any security firm before so it will be interesting to see how it works.

Overall DARPA is going to be increasing security efforts by as much as 50% to start protecting government computers. The exact details and plans are obviously being kept a secret but we do know that something major is going to be done. The war online is about to become a serious matter in the eyes of the US government so hackers may want to think twice before attacking again.




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