33% of Web Traffic is from Netflix

Netflix Eats the Internet!Today a leading internet analysts firm released their findings about web traffic over the past year and the results are absolutely amazing. The biggest change is that web traffic has increased by an incredible 120% in the past year in America, with much of Europe just slightly behind. Internet usage is also expected to continue growing at an incredibly fast rate.

Another interesting and almost shocking finding is that Netflix is responsible for a measureable amount of web traffic, more precisely, Netflix is responsible for one third of all traffic in America. Yes, that is correct, one third of all data transferred over the internet in America is from Netflix. YouTube is also high on the list of usage, in Europe YouTube was responsible for one fifth of all web traffic.

These two fun facts just go to show that streaming entertainment really is catching on. YouTube and Netflix are basically household names at this point and the data usage is absolutely incredible.

Fortunately it looks like the internet can handle it, as long as providers don't start implementing data caps.



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